Trauma Field Treatment

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The trauma field treatment is a curriculum that aims at training people in rudimentary medic skills in combination with the use of medical equipment which will make the difference between life and death in circumstances that may rise in the field. Those are war zones, terrorist attacks in urban environment and the continuous increase in crime frequency in urban areas. In such cases, the loss of life may occur, due to bleeding, in less than 5 to 10 minutes. Basic knowledge of how to treat such a trauma is essential , in order to ensure the most positive outcome for the person in need until such time as the arrival of appropriate medical help. This training aims at people such as, military personnel, police forces, fire brigadeunits, private military contractors, civil defense employees, voluntary groups, and in general persons that operate and work in hazardous or life threatening environments.

Who may enroll :

People willing to provide emergency care at work or other high risk activities, such as Army personnel, Law enforcement, Security and Civil protection personnel etc.

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